Remote Consultation

Trichologist Shawon Gullette will help you determine the cause of your hair loss. Using the questionnaire below along with a mailed-in sample of your hair, Shawon will be able to better understand the cause of your hair loss and determine the best next steps for treatment. This simple four step process includes: Filling out the form below, paying for the consultation, mailing in a sample of your hair, and receiving the results and treatment recommendation.

Sending in your Hair Sample

  1. Collect hair samples in and around the problem area(s)
    • Place a white sheet of paper on a table or desk
    • Gently rub scalp, comb hair, or brush hair to loosen hairs onto the paper. Make sure some hairs have the bulb attached
    • Concentrate on thinning or problem area for sample. Do not cut your hair.
  2. Place your hair stands in a sealing plastic bag, labeling it with your full name, phone number and the date.
  3. Mail your bagged and labeled hair samples to the provided address that you receive after filling out the questionnaire and payment.


Hair Loss Questionnaire


The $250 consultation fee includes the hair analysis, reports, meeting time with the trichologist, and your customized treatment plan.