Complete Hair Rejuvenation System For Stronger, Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair

Create the look of stronger, thicker, fuller looking hair while fighting thinning hair. Rejuvenate and stimulate your hair to be its best with Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinic hair and scalp products. Our products strives to provide superior solutions for the health of your hair and scalp. With the essential tools and beauty regimen in place, and customized to your individual needs, our products will significantly aid in your efforts to slow the aging of your hair and promote hair and scalp health.



Nutra Maximum Growth Therapy

☑ Natural Alternative to Minoxidil

☑ Provides 11 Topical DHT Blockers

☑ Delivers “hair growth” nutrients

☑ Helps improve circulation to the hair follicles promoting growth

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Ultra Scalp Prep

☑ Dissolves scalp sebum build-up.

☑ Soothes dry irritated scalp & stops itching.

☑ Helps aid in Minoxidil and Topical penetration.

☑ Provides high concentrations of hair strengthening vitamins.

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Vitamin Enriched Conditioner

25+ essential vitamins & minerals to enrich your hair

Moisture balanced to replenish dry, stressed hair

Energizes & Protects the hair from harsh styling products

Adds fullness, thickness and shine to all hair types

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Ultimate DHT Inhibitor & Total Hair Nutrient

What makes it unique:

8 DHT Blockers

Complete Hair Nutrition

A Viviscal™ like product proven in 8 clinical studies to stop hair loss and re-grow hair.

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Intense Nutra Boost+

6 different ways - Made better (by adding 5% Saw).

1X per day for better morning hair, less irritation, and better compliance.

Better application - Dropper applies 1ml directly on the scalp, not hair.

Less irritation - Carrier Lotion neutralizes the effects of Alcohol and Propylene Glycol eliminating irritation.

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Ultra Stem Shampoo

☑ Free of Sulfates, Cocomide DEA and Parabens.

☑ Includes 11 DHT Inhibitors to help reduce hair from thinning.

☑ Restores the appearance of stronger, healthier, fuller looking hair.

☑ No irritation, doesn't block laser light like other shampoos.

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Fiber Strand Hair Strengthener

Clinically proven to add elasticity & tensile strength

Stops hair breakage in both wet combing & comb downs

The comb glides through the hair, saving time while minimizing hair loss.

Use for hair that is normal, dry, damaged, oily, and tangles easily.

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The Ultimate Kit

This kit will give you a 5 month supply with the exception of the Ultimate DHT Inhibitor which is a 90 day supply. Includes our entire line of products:

☑ Ultra Scalp Prep, 4 oz

☑ Ultra Stem Shampoo, 8 oz

☑ Vitamin Enriched Conditioner, 8 oz

☑ Fiber Strand Hair Strengthener, 8 oz

☑ Intense Nutra Boost, 3 oz

☑ Ultimate DHT Inhibitor & Total Hair Nutrient, 180 Tablets


Price: $298.94