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The Dayton Trichology and Cincinnati Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinics are the Global Leaders in Laser Hair Loss Treatment. With the guidance of our Medical Doctors, our clinics have been successfully treating hair loss in men & women for over 24 years and has been using Low Level Lasers as part of that treatment for the past 18 years. Recognized as the global leader in hair loss laser treatment, our hair loss technology is now being used in over 140 locations in 28 countries around the world, providing unmatched experience and clinically proven success.

As a pioneer in hair loss treatment, specializing in laser hair therapy and laser hair treatments for both men and women suffering from hair loss. Our clinics offer the highest quality physician-directed laser hair loss treatment programs, including clinic lasers, handheld laser combs, laser brushes, and more. With several patented hair loss treatment products and FDA cleared low-level laser hair therapy, HLCC has been helping men and women of all ethnicities with hair loss for almost 25 years.

Dayton Trichology and Cincinnati Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinics' Multi-Therapeutic Approach is as Easy as 1-2-3

Our hair loss control clinics' multi-therapeutic approach is designed to be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s daily routine. We have worked to improve the success and the simplicity of each of the steps and offers a variety of treatment programs.

Each program is designed with the goal of halting hair loss and promoting hair growth. Individually, they are all simple and successful. Combined, they represent the best approach to hair loss available today. These steps are designed to synergistically combine scalp hygiene, laser therapy and DHT inhibiting products to yield the best possible results.

The FDA recently cleared 2 laser devices; one to promote hair growth in men and one to promote hair growth in women. Our clinics have been using this phenomenal laser technology successfully for our clients since the early 90′s. Dayton Trichology and Cincinnati Trichology are now considered the Global leader in Laser Hair Therapy and we also help Doctors and Medical Spas around the world add laser hair loss treatment seamlessly into their business.

Hair Loss Treatment programs that work

Our hair loss treatment programs have been proven successful for men and women with the following hair loss conditions:

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Female Pattern Baldness
  • Thinning Hair
  • Broken & Damaged Hair
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Traction Alopecia

We offer the most advanced hair loss treatment programs in all of our hair loss clinics. There are also unique home treatment options available with a personal phone Consultation for those unable to visit any of our clinics.

We are the Laser Hair Therapy experts that other business professionals come to, to learn about adding laser hair loss treatment to their business. We train and provide in-clinic hair loss lasers to physicians, Medical Spas, Hair Clinics, Salons and Studios teaching them how to operate lucrative, turn-key hair loss treatment clinics, while providing their clients with the best possible customized hair loss solutions.


Dayton Trichology and Cincinnati Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinics are committed to the strong belief that our continued business success is built upon the foundation of the uncompromised safety, reliability, and quality of the products we manufacture. As a company, we combine this philosophy with our true spirit of philanthropy and each day is dedicated to embracing and passing these values on to our customers, employees and partners.


We have succeeded in the hair loss marketplace for over 24 years only by having the real integrity to manufacture and sell safe, high quality products that deliver significant benefit to our customers. We are dedicated to moral and ethical business principles of honesty, integrity, social conscience and old fashioned hard work.

World Class Excellence And Quality

Our hair loss control clinics seek the most innovative doctors, researchers, business partners and entrepreneurs globally. We utilize our 140+ clinics and 400 + distributors worldwide to give use feedback and test each innovation and product we produce. We accept only the safest most innovative products so we can deliver true value and reliability to our valued clients and partners.