Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Gain insights into your metabolism and potential health risks.

Minerals are essential for our body's functions, acting as building blocks for bones and influencing muscle and nerve function. They contribute to overall health and hair vitality. HTMA is a test that assesses the mineral composition of the body.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a comprehensive test I utilize in my practice for those experiencing unexpected hair shedding or loss. By analyzing a hair sample from the back of the head, HTMA assesses mineral imbalances in the body, offering insights into potential causes of hair loss and related health issues.

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HTMA measures levels and ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals in hair. It serves as a valuable tool for preventive health care and hair loss management. HTMA reveals nutrient imbalances, toxic metal exposure, and metabolic insights, supporting tailored health and dietary plans.

What HTMA Report Shows:

  • Evaluates metabolic rate
  • Assesses nervous system state
  • Detects heavy metal presence
  • Analysis digestive function
  • Examines energy production
  • Identifies stages of stress
  • Measures oxidative stress
  • Monitors inflammation

From your HTMA report, a doctor can:

  • Create a supplement plan based on mineral deficiencies.
  • Design a personalized diet plan considering your mineral needs.
  • Determine your metabolic type for tailored exercise and diet recommendations.